Integration after a session

Integration is an important part of the process and shoudn’t be overlooked or trivialized. Deep material may have been touched and will continue to move for some time after a workshop. Self Care After the HB Workshop is a handout written by experienced facilitators that suggests different means to help you integrate your process.

Here are some existing resources in the Ottawa/Gatineau area that can be of some help.

Integration circles

On the Thursday following a HB workshop we offer an integration circle on Zoom for those who wish to or have a need for exploring and sharing some challenging or beautiful aspects of their experience in a safe and empathetic container. We can also come to offer our presence and listening.


The Ottawa Psychedelic Education Network holds often twic a month an integration circle to explore experienes of non-ordinary states of consciousness. It offers the same characteristics of safety and openness as ours. 



There is one biodanza facilitator in the Ottawa/Gatineau area that has classes evey week and some weekend intensives:

Anne-Marie Riel contact here 613-316-8118

Dance to Nature

Every Sunday at 10h15 at Mooney’s Bay. Perfect after a Saturday workshop.

Facilitated by Alana O’Donnell contact here

There are more options. Contact Improv posts a web newsletter updated weekly with all  dance and movement events in the area.

Family Constellations (offered in French)

A powerful approach that works on transgenerational difficulties/conflicts/blockages. Can be very supportive to gain insight on family issues and recurring patterns that emerged during your session.

Facilitated by Mélanie Gatt, Julie Desmarais and Suzanne Brouillette


There is a number of meditation groups or sanghas in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Most of them hold weekly sittings.

Ottawa Insight Meditation Community 

Ottawa Buddhist Society

Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre 

Méditation Gatineau – Rivière de la compassion   contact here

True North Insight  offers 2-7 day retreats near Ottawa


You don’t need to go far. The Gatineau Park is a jewel and both Ottawa and Gatineau have some wonderful nature spots where one can wander peacefully.